Player Development Curriculum

Brookline Soccer Club Coaches follow a specific Player Development Curriculum when training their players. Below you’ll find a link to a video presentation that describes in detail the BSC Player Development Curriculum. Coaches should download the Curriculum Level that pertains to their team. In most cases the Curriculum Level is equal to the grade of the players on the team. But in some cases coaches may adjust (up or down) the level of the Curriculum that they are working on to fit the abilities of their team.

BSC Player Development Curriculum Video Presentation

Level Specific Curriculum Documents

Level 1 Under 7 / First Grade

Level 2 Under 8 / Second Grade

Level 3 Under 9 / Third Grade

Level 4 Under 10 / Fourth Grade

Level 5 Under 11 / Fifth Grade

Level 6 Under 12 / Sixth Grade

Level 7 Under 13 / Seventh Grade

Level 8 Under 14 / Eighth Grade

Player Evaluation Sheet Documents

Coaches will use the Evaluation Sheets to track individual player progress during the season. Print out an Evaluation Sheet for each of your players and place them in a 3-ring binder. Coaches are urged to take 10 minutes every 1—2 weeks to fill out their team’s Evaluation Sheets. This exercise will help coaches determine training priorities and whether or not specific individual players need extra help to keep up with the group.

Level 1 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 2 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 3 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 4 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 5 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 6 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 7 Player Evaluation Sheet

Level 8 Player Evaluation Sheet

Technical and Tactical Terminology

If there are concepts within the Curriculum that you do not understand please refer to these terminology documents.

Technical Terminology

Tactical Terminology