Tryout Policy

Open Tryouts

The first step in the BSC tryout process is the Open Tryout, typically held in late April/early May. Any player wishing to play for BSC must attend the Open Tryout. Players attending the tryout will be randomly pre-assigned into teams that will compete in small-sided games (3v3 or 4v4). During these small-sided games, coaches from both BSC and other local clubs, will evaluate the players. BSC coaches utilized in any given tryout will ideally not be currently involved in the age group they are evaluating. Players will be scored on a 1 to 5 scale. Evaluators will take into account a player’s technical ability, tactical understanding, physical speed/strength and attitude. A player’s technical skills will be given the greatest amount of weight during the evaluation process. BSC feels the greatest long term predictor of soccer talent, lies in a player’s ability to control the ball while dribbling, passing and receiving. Tryout scores will be tabulated by the BSC Boys and Girls Coordinators.


Why play small sided games?  Small sided games allow players more touches on the ball. This equates to a greater number of opportunities for a player to demonstrate their technical abilities for the evaluators.

What if a player is a better defender than an attacker?  BSC recognizes that individual players will have unique preferences and abilities. BSC looks to develop soccer players rather than attackers or defenders specifically. BSC players are comfortable in attack and defense and in both cases need to have well rounded technical abilities to be successful.

Coach Evaluations

Current BSC players will also be evaluated by their current coaches. BSC values the depth of assessment that a player’s coach can provide. The Coach Evaluations entail a 1-5 rating on a player’s technical ability, tactical awareness, attitude, commitment and aggressiveness. Coaches are also asked on these evaluations to rank the players on their team and to recommend each player’s placement for the following year.


What if my player is unfairly assessed by his or her coach?  BSC has a great deal of faith in our coaches to be objective and accurate in their assessment of players. To safeguard against unjust assessments, BSC looks for large discrepancies between a player’s Open Tryout scores and their Coach Evaluation. In these cases the respective Boys and Girls Coordinators, with input from BSC’s Director of Coaching, will make a final determination on a player’s ability and placement.


Goalkeeper Tryouts

BSC Grade 7 and 8 teams will each have one or two players selected to play goalkeeper for the team each game. Players interested in playing goalkeeper full time at these age groups will be evaluated in goal during a portion of the tryout, while demonstrating field play during the remainder of the tryout.


Why are there no Goalkeeper tryouts for Grades 6 and younger?  To teach basic goalkeeping skills BSC provides goalkeeping training (starting at Grade 5 and continuing through Grade 8) to any interested player. To benefit player development, BSC does not allow our players to specialize as a goalkeeper (or any position for that matter) until Grade 7. Grade 5 and 6 players with an interest in playing goalkeeper are expected to play no more than half of each game as a goalkeeper. They will play the other half of each game as a field player. For this reason, Grade 5 and 6 players will be placed on teams appropriate for their field playing abilities.

Placement Meeting

BSC will conduct meetings in late May to discuss player placement within each age group. The BSC Girls and Boys Coordinators chair these meetings and invite the BSC Director of Coaching and current coaches to attend. At this meeting final player placements for the following year will be made based on: Tryout results, Coach Evaluations and any final input from the current coaches. The respective Boys and Girls Coordinators, with input from BSC Director of Coaching, will make the final decision if there are any contested placements. The ultimate goal is to place players on teams that are at an appropriate competitive level so that each player will continue to improve and find enjoyment in the game of soccer.

Announcement of Player Placements

Players will not be notified of their placements until the Spring Soccer Season has been completed. Typically players will receive notification of their placement by the last week in June, after conclusion of the Brookline school year. Some teams will have a coach already in place while BSC will work through the summer to find coaches for others. Players can expect to be contacted by their coach by late July to early August.


What if I think my player was deserving of a higher placement level?  BSC understands that player placement is not an exact science and that it is impossible to please everyone with its decisions. BSC always strives to do its best to objectively place each of our 500+ players on a team appropriate for his/her competitive level. Players unhappy with their placement are encouraged to continue playing and develop with their assigned teams. Players will have the opportunity to earn a higher team placement for the following year. A disappointing placement can be utilized as an opportunity to teach young people how to persevere in the face of adverse circumstances.

What should I do if the coach hasn’t contacted me by the middle of August?  Please feel free to contact the BSC Boys or Girls Coordinator if the team coach has not contacted you by the middle of August. It might simply be that your contact info was not communicated clearly. Whatever the case may be the your Boys and Girls Coordinators will want to help players and coaches get on the same page.