Privacy Policy

  • We collect personal information on all Club members — players, coaches, and other volunteers — as needed to administer the Club’s youth soccer programs. This information may be shared with our governing organizations, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association and the United States Youth Soccer Association, as required by their by-laws and procedures.
  • The Brookline Soccer Club (BSC), the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, and the United States Youth Soccer Association occasionally provide mailing lists of our membership to non-profit and commercial organizations that offer soccer-related services and products that may be of interest to our members. Any member may elect to have his/her name omitted from such lists by sending a request to the BSC registrar.
  • In accordance with state law, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association conducts criminal history background checks on all coaches and other volunteers associated with our program.
  • We offer the option of paying registration fees by credit card. We use PayPal, a subsidiary of eBAY, as our payment agent ( Credit card numbers are submitted directly to PayPal through their secure server. The Soccer Club does not have access to any credit card numbers.
  • Photos of Club games and activities may be posted on our website or used in other Club publications. In such cases, they will not include players’ names or other identifying information.