Team Manager Guide

The role of Team Manager is to be the liaison between the coach and the families. The following is a list of the responsibilities and expectations of the manager, but can vary depending on your coach.

Weekly Reminders: Let the families know the game time, arrival time for the players (consult your coach), location and GPS address — you don’t want any players to miss a game because they couldn’t find a field.

Practice and Game attendance: Set up a system for parents to indicate practice and game attendance. The coach needs to know ahead of time who and how many players are expected for each game.

Home Games: Reach out to the opposing team’s coach to confirm the game and share any useful information about the field. For example most of our games are played on turf fields so we will play rain or shine.

Reschedule Games: In the event that a home game is cancelled, due rain (grass fields), tournament play or sanctioned religious holiday, please see How to Reschedule a Game for step-by-step instructions.

Organize Snack Sign Up: Set up a snack sign up for parents to bring fresh oranges or watermelon for the team during halftime.

WHEN NEEDED Field Set-up and Take Down: The team manager organizes parents to assist in moving goals into position when the Team has the first and last games on the field. Please review the instructions on the Field Set Up and Game Responsibilities page to explain what is exactly required.

Tournament: Regular games are scheduled during Columbus Day Weekend. However, your Team may prefer to participate in one of the many tournaments that are being held in this area. Tournaments are a great way for teams to bond; both for the players and for the parents! Poll your families about their availability. Whether or not your Team decides to play in a tournament, there is a good possibility your regular season game will need to be rescheduled. If so, follow the same steps as you would to reschedule any game. If you do decide to play in a tournament, consider recruiting a parent to register the team and organize the event.
Natick Soccer Columbus Day Tournament

Help with Player Pass Cards: U12 — U14 teams (now 6, 7, and 8th grade teams) will need Player Pass Cards in the spring for MTOC. You will need to collect head shots of the players and submit them sometime in March.

End of Season Gathering: Plan, but not necessarily host, a FUN gathering: ice cream after a game, pizza party at the end of the season, a sleep over!

OPTIONAL: Indoor Soccer/Futsal The indoor soccer league, called Futsal, is run primarily at Park School (games are also played in Newton, Brighton, Dedham and Lexington – locations may be different this year). Playing Futsal during the winter months is a great way for the team to improve their soccer skills while continuing to develop as a team. Consider taking a break and recruiting another parent to take on this task.
Massachusetts Futsal Association


There are a variety of online tools that can help you organize and disseminate information to your Team. Some suggestions are team snap, google dos, shutterfly, sign up genius, doodle poll, email. Do whatever works for you.

Please note that the team manager should remain on the parent side during games, to not only act as a liaison, connecting with parents; but to monitor any Zero Tolerance violations or abusive behavior (parents screaming at their kids, or undermining coaching instructions). Any issues should be reported to the coach to handle.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lisa Bolter Martino, BSC Team Manager Coordinator.