Rescheduling Strategy

Simple responses to opponent coaches NOT requesting one of BAYS sanctioned events

“Can we reschedule our game on the 16th?”

ANSWER: “Our club policy does not permit these types of reschedules: we follow the BAYS official position Play the Schedule.

“We are missing many players…”

ANSWER: “BAYS allows an 11v11 game to be official with as few as 8 players; 9v9 with 7 players; 7v7 with 6 players. Our team will match your strength to keep it a fair game.”

“We just won’t have enough players…”

Does the coach really mean that they won’t have the legal limit; or the team will be missing their BEST players; or not enough subs for their comfort. YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW!!!!”
ANSWER: “We don’t prefer this; but if you can’t field a team on game day, we will have to accept a forfeit.“

What ensues after this is the art of negotiation. If they come back to you and say “OK, we will have to forfeit”; then you can decide to either accept the forfeit, or then relent and agree to play the game away (we won’t allow the game to be rescheduled in Brookline). At least at that point you are in control of your destiny. History has proven, the large majority of teams show up and play on your bluff.

This tactic has worked with other coaches. Your reward will be a game played on schedule at HOME (which will make your life, and your families simpler). The smaller team (if your team is the one having trouble with numbers) will mean that your players will have a great time with more field time and consequently, they may have their best game! We have seen this happen many times over the years.

BAYS RULES DOES ALLOW FOR TEAMS TO POSTPONE BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT. Please remember that if you go this route, you are likely depriving the opportunity for the players who ARE available on game day to play; and later punishing them if they are unable to play the make-up. This almost always happens. In addition, if it is a home game, you will be inconveniencing your families asking them to travel 6 times instead of 5. Additionally, you will not be supporting our Referee program and likely costing a kid a job.

Lastly, the same rules apply if you are a visiting team. Just because it is their home game, does not entitle a host team to move the game time/date without your agreement. (See BAYS rules that dictate rescheduling.)