How to Reschedule a Game

Before you Reschedule a Game

Please keep in mind that The Brookline Soccer Club does not support arbitrary rescheduling of games on our home fields — even if both coaches agree. We adhere to the BAYS policy: Play the Schedule.

Our limited make-up field time is reserved for the following BAYS sanctioned events:

  1. Designated Religious Holidays (recognized by BAYS)
  2. Fields closed by inclement weather.
  3. Tournament Preponement (Columbus Day in the fall; Memorial Day in the spring).

Games that are rescheduled that don’t fall into the above criteria will NOT be rescheduled on Brookline fields. If we allowed re-schedules for all other requests, we would quickly diminish available slots for the above legitimate needs, and other Sunday programing.

10 Simple Steps to follow when Rescheduling a Game:

    1. Click on the ‘fields’ button on the top of this page. It will take you to the weekly Master Game Schedule section that is dynamically updated as fields are reserved.
    2. Check to see what is available.
    3. Pick a time slot and offer it to your opposition.
    4. Agree on that time, or repeat if necessary until you both have an accepted date/time.
    5. Go back to the Master Game Schedule page.
    6. On the top right side of the page you will see the “COACH RESCHEDULE” button. Click on it and it will take you to the Make Up Game Field Request Form.
    7. Please complete the form. Make sure when you are referring to the Game Date, you indicate the ORIGINAL date the game was first scheduled to be played. SUBMIT.
    8. Please wait for the Field Assignor’s confirming email. He/she will confirm the reservation, update our grid, change your time on the BAYS’ site, which makes it an official change and sets in motion re-assigning the ref and notifying both coaches of the change.
    9. If you send the Field Assignor an email, please do not send email threads with away coaches and other folks trying to figure things out. Send a clean, brief synopsis of exactly what you need.
    10. In addition, DO NOT involve the Field Assignor with cc’d messages with multiple people — particularly with your opposition. That just creates confusing email glut for busy volunteers.

NOTE: Our cut-off to assign refs and fields is Tuesday at 9PM for an upcoming weekend; with no guarantees we can successfully procure a ref that close to your game. Please plan ahead.

These are really simple steps and when followed, have proven to make everyone’s life much easier. That is why we are so insistent that all coaches be compliant. Please keep in mind that if we can’t accommodate your times/dates, playing at your opponent’s field is a viable solution. Contact the Field Assignor and he/she will help facilitate this change for you.