Field Set Up and Game Responsibilities


  1. Coaches must use sand/weight bags to secure the goals EACH time you use them (including practices). After use, the bags should be replaced inside the green storage boxes.
  2. It is the coaches responsibility to check for changes on the Master Game Schedule the day before each game. Last minute changes are not uncommon, and only by checking will a coach know if they are a first or last team of that day.

Setting up fields for first game, last game and practices at
SkylineDownesLower Soule and Cypress

On all fields, the first user must unlock the goals (COMBINATION IS 4-3-2-1) and move them into place. Position the sandbags on the back and side supports of the goals (if there are no sandbags, you will have to have parents stand on the goals — this is a safety issue).
When you unlock the goals, you must RE-LOCK them onto the back upper corner of one of the goals — NOT to the fence (so that the coach who must move and lock the goals at the end of the day can find them).

The last user of each field (AND EVERY COACH WHO USES THESE GOALS FOR PRACTICE) is required to move the goals to a sideline fence and lock them together and to the fence. The goals should be placed side by side facing the fence. The lock should be threaded around the two adjoining side-posts AND the fence, and locked. Place the sandbags inside the green storage box (and lock it).

Storage, Moving of Corner Flags and Bases

The corner flags and bases and sandbags are now stored in rectangular green boxes at the following fields: Lower Soule (other side of the fence, next to the playground), Skyline (along the fence adjacent to the playground), Downes (near the stands next to the turf field), and Cypress (along the fence the runs parallel with Davis Ave). The lock for the boxes is on the right side of the underlip of the front cover of the box (you’ll see it). The first user of the field will have to find the box, turn the combination (COMBINATION IS 4-3-2-1), and press the top part of the lock down into the bottom part (it will pop open). Then remove the flags, weights and bases, close the top of the box, and put the lock back into the slot in which you found it. ALSO, re-lock the lock. You will have to turn the combination, press the top of the lock into the bottom, and while pressing, turn the combination to another number.


The last user of the field should unlock the lock as described above, place the flags and weights into the base of the box, and place the bases for the flags in the trough that is at the top/back of the box. Then re-lock the lock as described in the previous paragraph.

Setting up fields for first game, last game and practices at
Beaver Country Day School

Beaver CDS has a strict policy that all coaches and players MUST adhere to:

  • NO CHEWING GUM is permitted on the Turf Fields.
  • WATER ONLY No Gatorade type beverages.
  • Goals are generally in place on one field, and may be left there after the game is completed.
    The second field will likely have Field Hockey Goals in place. They must be removed, and replaced by nearby 11 v 11 goals.
  • At the end of play for the day, the Field Hockey goals must be returned to the field in place of the soccer goals.
  • There are no corner flags available. Coaches must bring large cones instead.