Our Mission

The mission of the Brookline Soccer Club is to promote the age appropriate goals for players to learn and love the game of soccer. The club is primarily engaged in the development of players rather than other more mature goals like making the playoffs or having individual winning records. Victory comes through developmentally appropriate wins.


The goals for the club evolve with the age of the player. Parent and Professional Coaches working for the club are advised of these goals and work hard to adhere to them.

  • Learn to love
  • Learn to play
  • Learn to train
  • Learn to compete

Learn to love phase should focus on joy, movement and foundational skills. This is the emphasis for new players in Kindergarten through second grades. Soccer should be set up with small sided games and no goalies. Play should include many touches of the ball on smaller fields where these young players feel excited by their achievements. Playing time is always equal for each player.

Learn to play phase should focus on understanding the rules, taking responsibilities, and beginning the journey of developing complex individual skills. These players are generally in third though sixth grades and ready for more serious approach but still not focused on winning individual games. Playing time is always equal for each player.

Learn to train phase should focus on repetition of skills, deepening of ability to focus, and starting to master using a complex combination of skills. These players are in middle school now and yet while there is plenty of work to be done, the emphasis still is not on winning individual games. Playing time is mostly equal for players.

The last phase, learning to compete, is a phase where players go through game day preparation, learn more about strategy and tactics, and learn to place the team as the first priority rather than individual player development. This phase mostly happens in high school when players are no longer playing for the Brookline Soccer Club.